Family owned and operated, 32 years of service... Let Just Windows make your view brighter, whether at home or work!


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Frequently Asked Questons

There are many things to consider when hiring a cleaning contractor. A very important factor to consider is insurance. Is your contractor properly insured or insured at all? There are many people out there masquerading around as contractors. This is especially true in the cleaning industry. We are properly insured with industry-specific liability insurance, which includes Care, Custody, and Control coverage which covers the actual items being cleaned. Most cleaning contractors are not even aware they need this important coverage, as it is not included in most general liability policies. If you hire a cleaning contractor who doesn’t have Care, Custody, and Control coverage you will be responsible for any damage caused by your contractor. Your home is your largest investment, so don’t trust it to just anyone. Always ask about insurance and ask to see proof of insurance.
Be aware of companies who give you very low bids for the work you are seeking to have done. There are many possible reasons for this, and none of those reasons are good. Keep in mind that it is expensive to be set up as a real business. The expenses of equipment, labor, insurance, advertising, and maintenance are not cheap. Some people claiming to be in business may not be set up as a real business at all, and may not have worker’s compensation insurance for their employees or any insurance at all. Other companies use bait-and-switch tactics to lure you in with low prices only to up-charge you for other things after they start the work. This scenario usually ends up costing consumers much more than had they hired an honest contractor from the start.
Are you insured, and what areas do you serve?
YES. Our company is insured and we will happily send you a copy of our insurance upon request.
We service all of Clark County and its surrounding areas.
Do I need to do anything before you come?
It does make things easier for both of us if you could do a few things the night before we come out to service your home or office:
Keep away anything that may cause inconvenience when performing pressure washing or window cleaning services. 
Put all lawn equipment, furniture and/or toys inside.
Keep all animals inside or locked-up out of way.
Put any special plant away or out from house
Park vehicles on street or in the garage.
Our Approach to Window Washing
Just Windows, Inc., offers a professional update on your conventional window cleaning process. We replace Windex and paper towels for industry approved equipment that elevates results. All of our window cleaning services involve:
  • Cleaning detergents that remove streaks, insects, dirt, and any other debris that make their way to your windows
  • Professional solutions that are guaranteed to deliver spotless and completely streak-free results
  • Lasting quality that increases interior natural light, helps your window system last longer, and improves curb appeal
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We promise!
Just Windows, Inc: Your Window Cleaning Experts
Our team knows windows. We know what it takes to make them shine, and our complete service ensures that your glass is clear, so you can enjoy your windows as they should be: Boosting curb appeal, interior quality, energy efficiency, and more.
After you’ve scheduled your appointment for a time that it convenient for you, our team will arrive ready to transform your windows. We come fully prepared with all of the cleaning detergents, equipment, and expertise it takes to make your panes shine – and we take pride in bringing a spotless result to your property.
Every home deserves a professional window cleaning solution. Get yours with Just Windows, Inc!
Family owned and operated, 32 years of service... Let Just Windows make your view brighter, whether at home or work!